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Concordia 2021-2022 Cycle

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1 hour ago, izzypa99 said:

Can anyone explain to me more about the email they sent regarding their probationary accreditation status?

They have I believe 2 years to make the changes to the program. However, if you start a program that is accredited (even probationary) on day 1 of classes, you are eligible to take the PANCE.

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13 hours ago, PrePAjourney22 said:

Me too! Are you out of state? I was heading to book my tickets to fly the day before but then just found out this program has recently been placed on probation😳

I actually live a few minutes from CUW; it is my alma mater! Where are you flying from? I was sad to learn about their probation as well, but I’m sure there is good reasoning and they will be working to fix it. Do you think you’ll still want to interview? 

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On 11/24/2021 at 12:02 AM, PApersistence said:

I got an acceptance phone call around 4pm from CUW. Good luck to those waiting and congrats to those accepted! 

For context, I am a CUW undergrad that interviewed Nov. 13th during the morning session. 

Congrats!! Do you think they did all the acceptance calls on the same day?

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