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Application Cycle 2021-2022

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That’s exciting! Received the same email today. This is my dream PA program so this email makes me more nervous! So far I’ve had the best experience with the program as far as their communication and encouraging nature.  Good luck to everyone who applied!

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12 minutes ago, kyleemreed said:

I was also waitlisted which kind of stinks since I got the strong candidate email. Fingers crossed for an interview spot! 

I got the strong candidate email as well. I did notice on last years forum someone was a strong candidate but didn't get an interview. Hoping that's not the case this year

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5 minutes ago, epicchecklist said:

Any of the waitlisted interviewees hear anything from UE yet? 


I got an email today saying only 2 people of the 96 original invites have declined. They’ll keep pulling people off up until the day of if more people decline 

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On 8/4/2021 at 5:36 PM, dmm27 said:

Got my interview invite, very excited to meet some of you. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!

I will be there on the 18th. I interviewed at another school testerday but would prefer UE. Glad to have a good practice run. 


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