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Utah Valley University Experiences

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I applied there in 2019 and was offered an interview. I had to decline the interview due to a schedule conflict. To my knowledge they didn't contact anyone from my former places of work or volunteer experience. However, there is always a chance they will ask for some sort of verification.

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Isn't this the first year UVU is accepting apps for their program? Online says they are a new program looking to get accredited this month actually. Or maybe they failed to get accredited before and are trying again?


Edit: I see now they were denied in 2019 and are trying again this year. 

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On 5/25/2021 at 1:32 PM, PAdream21 said:


has anyone applied to the Utah Valley University for a physician assistant program and were asked to verify their PCE or HCE. Did they call the places you volunteered or worked at? 

Please help with this

Depends on the school, some schools may not want to go through the effort of verifying every single applicants hours, some may, who actually knows. They did not ask me for any type of verification at this point. 

Why are you worried? Did you input a wrong number into CASPA or something? Did they ask you to verify your PCE and HCE?

I live in Utah and applied to UVU this year, lets hope they get accredited. 

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