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CASPA LOR major mishap...can an evaluator redo a submission?

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Today I was delighted to see that my manager at the hospital submitted my LOR to CASPA. In her email that she sent telling me this, she also attached the letter she submitted. When I opened it up I saw that in the first line it said

"It is my privilege to recommend (my name) for a coveted spot in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Physician Assistant Program"

...While this is one program I am applying to, it is not my only app! I explained how the portal worked to her when we met but now this letter has already been submitted to CASPA. I am freaking out because the other 6 programs I am applying to will see this.

Am I panicking over nothing? Is there a way to cancel out the letter in CASPA and have her edit and resubmit? I haven't found anything. Please help!

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This is a suuuper late response but I had a letter writer do the same exact thing! She was able to email the email address that was given by CASPA if they had any issues (I think it was like, letters@liasoncas.com or something) and they reopened her submission for her. She was able to submit a new letter.

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