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CME Resources Review Course... Good or Bad?

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i took the 5 day course... i recommend it. pros- you get a giant binder with printouts of all the slides (3 to a page, somtimes 2), but that might be standard to any review course. they also provide you with breakfast, lunch, and snacks/coffee throughout the day. as well as pencils, notepads, a bag, highlights, tabs, etc. they do a VERY good review of Cardio, which was good for me because it was my weakest subject (and its 16% of the PANCE). they grade your evening practice tests and give you a printout with your score, how you compared to the rest of the class, and also your percentage of correct answers based on specialty, so you can see what area you need to work on. at the end of the course they average all the practice tests and give you an estimate of your PANCE score, which was pretty accurate to what i actually got. only con is its pretty intense... you'll be in class from 7am till 6 and then taking a 2 hour practice test at night, but thats nothing compared to PA school. some of the lectures were a bit rushed too, but thats understandable because its basically a review of 1 year of didactic crammed into 5 days.I would go with some classmates for moral support (plus, the hotel is cheaper). Also, after our practice tests we would quiz eachother before we went to sleep, and honestly i got a couple questions right on the PANCE from that alone. i recommend doing the 5 day... 3 day seems like it would be TOO crammed. overall i'm glad i did it, it saved me weeks of attempted studying on my own, plus it eased my nerves and i felt more confident on test day. now dont get me wrong, your still going to have to study on your own afterwards. but the amount of information they go over in 5 days would have taken me weeks. Good luck!

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