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2021-2022 application cycle

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5 hours ago, courtj said:

do any of you mind sharing your stats? 


Current college senior
GPA: 3.87
sGPA: 3.79
GRE: 306
Casper: 75th-100th percentile
PCE: 970 at time of application (ongoing)
Shadowing: 50
Volunteer: 660
Teaching experience: 30
LOR: 1 PA, 2 nursing supervisors, 1 professor
I also have a lot of leadership experience (~500 additional volunteer hours) throughout various extracurricular
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3 hours ago, Emilybotfa said:

would you mind sharing your stats?

cGPA: 3.7

sGPA: 3.6

CASPer: 75th-100th percentile

PCE: 1600+ hours as a scribe/scribe trainer

Volunteer: 100+

Shadowing: 100+
LOR: Chief scribe, physician, and PA

im also a current college senior in my last semester and was involved in multiple extracurriculars and officer positions 

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I had interviewed with them recently (10/6), and it involved an interview with a faculty member and student. The interview (the only component of the interview day) lasted between 20 and 30 minutes, where they asked me a combination of personal and ethical questions. Additionally, I had a lot of follow-up questions so make sure you can speak on behalf of your application.


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