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I saw no one had posted a general thread about the 2021-2022 app cycle yet so here it is! Below are my stats. 


Just Applied (5/22/21)


Applicant Profile


Personal Profile:

Sex: Male

Age: 27

State of Residence: MS (underserved/rural county)



cGPA: 3.50

sGPA: 3.56

Post-bac cGPA (57 credit hours): 3.66

Post-bac sGPA (46 credit hours): 3.73

***Post-bac performed working full-time, and my wife and I had our baby at the beginning of it all.


Supporting Info:

PCE: ~1,500hrs (ER tech)

HCE: ~4,500hrs (patient transport)

Other relevant work experience: 2 years as a personal trainer

LOR’s: 5 total (1 PA, 1 physician mentor, 3 professors)

Shadowing: 60hrs PA (cardiology, psychiatry), 100+hrs physician (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatric, orthopedic, ER)

Volunteer: ~200hrs (online crisis counselor)

Leadership: 200hrs (president of American Medical Student Association, local chapter)

Research: 150hrs (community-based research and outreach)

Teaching Experience: ~50-60hrs (tutor for a semester)

I will keep this updated with any notices of verification, interview, acceptances, etc. 


Good luck to everyone!

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23 hours ago, aha1991 said:

Has anyone received the email verifying that JMU has received the application? My app was verified on 5/10 but I haven't heard anything yet.  

I've been verified and submitted the supplemental but haven't heard anything yet!

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16 hours ago, Tatii said:

Same here. Have you gotten the confirmation from JMU yet? I haven't.

Nothing yet..  I know their application deadline is 8/1 so hopefully we will hear something soon?

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  • DLK1993 changed the title to JMU 2021-2022 Application Cycle

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