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I just recently received an offer from an addiction medicine clinic I interviewed at. They're offering

  • Salaried 85k for the first 30-60 days or until I'm credentialed then 105K after I start seeing 12 patients a day for 20 consecutive work days
  • They have an RVU bonus up to 35k per year. The RVU is 4.50$ Per RVU and paid after 300 RVUs for the month
  • 401K matching at 1%
  • Covering 50% of medical insurance with the option for dental and vision
  • 3 Weeks PTO for the first year then 5 weeks after
  • 40 Hours per week Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm. Contracts states "on call from time to time" (not sure what that means). No Weekends
  • I'm going to ask about malpractice and tail coverage because that isn't specifically outlined in the contract

What else should I be looking for? Thank you in advance!

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  • CME & License fees
  • Better 401K match, at least 50% match on 1st 6% of your pay, i.e. employer pays up to 3%
  • You need to see actual RVU productivity data from other providers currently working at the practice so you can determine how much bonus is actually attainable


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That bonus is pretty awful. wRVUs where I work are paid at 110 for physicians and 90 for PAs. That means you'll have to be bring in about 360K to the practice before you see anything, and then after that you're making like 5% after that high initial amount.

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