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New Grad Addiction Medicine

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I just recently received an offer from an addiction medicine clinic I interviewed at. They're offering

  • Salaried 85k for the first 30-60 days or until I'm credentialed then 105K after I start seeing 12 patients a day for 20 consecutive work days
  • They have an RVU bonus up to 35k per year. The RVU is 4.50$ Per RVU and paid after 300 RVUs for the month
  • 401K matching at 1%
  • Covering 50% of medical insurance with the option for dental and vision
  • 3 Weeks PTO for the first year then 5 weeks after
  • 40 Hours per week Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm. Contracts states "on call from time to time" (not sure what that means). No Weekends
  • I'm going to ask about malpractice and tail coverage because that isn't specifically outlined in the contract

What else should I be looking for? Thank you in advance!

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It seems to me that all the minimum requirements are already listed here. I strongly advise you to take this job since I know what prospects such clinics open up for their employees. I know this firsthand because my sister is prone to fall into various kinds of addiction. Sometimes, I even applied to similar institutions to help me restore her condition. She was addicted to tizanidine - it's a painkiller. If you are interested in it, you can read about it on https://fherehab.com/learning/tizanidine. I paid a lot of money for her to be cured and restored, and all this went into the doctors' pocket since the clinic was private. So I advise you to agree, I think this is a good offer.

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