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Entering coursework

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Sorry if this question has been answered 1,000 times, I'm not having much luck with search. But- just to be clear we do have to manually enter every single course we've taken- correct?


- Also, should I submit my CASPA even with courses like biochem & genetics pending? Most of my deadlines are 9/1. Although I now realize, I'm probably screwed waiting this long anyways.. Argh.



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Hi there!


Yes, you manually enter your information. You can also e-submit your application before your transcripts arrive, according to their website, they just won't process it until they receive the transcripts. I don't have "pending" courses, but this is what is on the CASPA website:


  • [h=3]Q: Do I need to send transcripts for coursework I have not yet taken?[/h] A: NO. You are only required to send transcripts covering all of your completed coursework. CASPA does NOT require transcripts for coursework labeled as “planned/in-progress.” Please note that when you do complete these courses, updated transcripts should be submitted directly to the schools to which you are applying.

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