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EM bootcamp vs Crash-

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I just attended Bootcamp two weeks ago and they gave us all the presentation slides printed and bound in one book which I much prefer to an electronic format. I took notes to my heart's content :)


I was very impressed overall. I'm a new grad working in the ED since May and it was exactly what I needed. I brought the materials back to my job and the docs were really impressed by the quality of the material and the faculty. One of the docs from my site was hoping to go to scope it out as a potential requirement for new-hire MLPs (they usually hire new-grads) but it sold out so she couldn't go.


There was, however, no "workshop" sort of format that I believe the CRASH course employs occasionally. I remember looking over their curriculum and they give you the option of some workshops for extra $ or something, I don't know. Point being, it was straight powerpoints the whole time. Which was fine by me.


The other pro/con that I considered when deciding between the two was timing. I didn't want to wait until September and go another 2+ months at my job where I'll soon be starting solo-shifts and overnights. The same may be true for you with the September CRASH course vs. the December Bootcamp.


One other thought that could be a pro or a con is the diversity of the audience/faculty (bootcamp vs. CRASH). Since CRASH is put on by the AAPA my assumption would be the participants would be all PAs. At Bootcamp, the audience was maybe 50% PAs, and the rest were NPs and MD/DOs. It was nice to mingle and get the different perspectives. ALSO the faculty.. I'm not sure who the faculty is for CRASH, but I believe there were 4 MD/DOs, 2 NPs, and a PA on the faculty at Bootcamp. And to be honest the PA was unfortunately my least favorite. He just read the slides to us.



Hope that helped.

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