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2021-2022 application cycle

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10 minutes ago, weewoo said:

Anyone heard anything about the waitlist today? I know George Fox has been slightly loose with deadlines, I’m wondering if we’ll hear anything before end of day.

I haven’t heard anything yet, also anxious to hear about waitlist positions. Last time I received an email closer to 4:30pm PST

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On 10/30/2021 at 5:35 PM, Sourpatchkid said:

The previous email we got said 10/29 but I’m guessing your information was more accurate based on the fact it wasn’t sent yet. I’ll cross my fingers for 11/1!

Waitlisted after 10/22 interview! Got the email this morning. 

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1 hour ago, kfreitas said:

I was just accepted into the program on Friday from the waitlist!

I'm so excited for this opportunity and am rooting for all you still waiting!!

Congrats!! That’s awesome!!! 🎉

I’m glad to see movement in the waitlist but I wonder how many people they usually choose off of it.

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On 11/20/2021 at 12:45 PM, Fathernature said:

I emailed them about how many people were pulled off the waitlist last cohort.

The last person offered admission for Cohort 1 was on Christmas Eve day and they were 7th on the waitlist. 

I think there will probably be a couple people dropping out the first week of December, that’s when OHSU will send offers out and there is bound to be at least one. Also, Pacific in Hillsboro OR is actively making offers right now, so maybe there will be a spot opening up from that. Good luck everyone! It did seem like a fun program to be in.

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