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PA/Employer Opinion of Online PA Programs

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Hi guys! I am in a bit of a predicament involving the programs to which I am applying and would like any input as to whether online PA programs are looked at negatively by employers. I was planning on applying to the Yale Online program to up my chances of getting into a school in my state (CT). Cost, location, prerequisites, and all of those details aside, I would like to know if there is a stigma against online PA programs. Personally, I like their program’s goal of increasing PAs in the workforce by increasing access to PA programs with didactic curriculum that anyone in the country can take, but I have read mixed opinions from others. I learn well on my own and don’t think online didactic classes will affect my learning/PANCE performance. 

I’d like to hear from PAs or anyone that has any insight into professional opinion that may affect me obtaining positions after school and in my career. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Alberti! I’m no sure in general how employers would view an online PA program, but understand they are going to have to deal with it!  Because of COVID my program (and I know most others) had to convert to nearly completely online for the majority of didactic year- so those of us graduating in 2021 essentially attended “online” PA school. 🙂 I can’t speak to Yale’s program specifically, but I would look at any program’s attrition rate and PANCE pass rates when making your decision. I live in CT as well and commute to my program in Massachusetts (currently on rotations). My husband is an attending physician (who did his residency at Yale) and he says as long a PA passes the PANCE and has solid references, he would hire them. Good luck to you!

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Covid aside, I am not a fan of online education for PA school. The # of hrs spent on physical exam, for example, are nowhere close to what you would get at an in-person program.  If I was looking at 2 equal candidates and all else being equal, I would hire the one who went to a brick and mortar program.

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