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failed bio 2, what now??

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i just took my final, and i know im probably going to fail the class. i feel really discouraged, and I'm not gonna blame it on online school because i know im just not a school person especially for stem. ive been told to change my major since it is biology, and im still a freshman, but i have looked at other majors and career paths and i know if i dont pursue being a pa i will never forgive myself. that being said, im really doubtful in my abilities becuase i dont have any experience and now i have bad grades 

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Let's just wait until grades are in. Most former college students will tell you that how you think you did on a test and how you actually did can be two different things. And sometimes questions get thrown out or grades get adjusted depending on how the whole class did. 

I got a D in my major and went on to get three graduate degrees. You don't get to dodge adversity; you get to decide how you are going to overcome it. 

Let the dust settle for a bit before you start doubting the direction of your life. Something which, by the way, you are allowed to change as you go. Just don't let other people tell you when it's time to do that: you'll know.

Good luck!


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