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This might be a ridiculously stupid question... or it's just going to really prove that I need to go to bed, but I am confused about setting up MyBarry. I made an account, but it says "Apply Now" in a yellow box on the front/homepage. What do I need to do to get my CASPA synchronized with MyBarry so I can check my application status and stuff?


Thanks in advance

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This was in the email I received about completing my application:


If you are currently missing any materials, a to-do list should appear in the middle of the screen with a list of what is missing located below. If this not something you are seeing or your account is telling you “to apply”, you will have to contact the Helpdesk to have your account reset. For any issues with your MyBarry accounts please contact the Help Desk phone: (305) 899-3604/email: helpdesk@mail.barry.edu. Once reset, Please allow your MyBarry account approximately 48 hours from this email to reset and portray your accurate application status.



I had to do this too. But CALL! The email never did anything for a week, and they fixed it immediately when I called. Hope this helps!

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I had the same issue and called them at that number to have my account reset but they told me they cant reset it and I probably just have to wait.. the person did not sound like she really knew what I was talking about though


I just checked again and it still says "Apply Now"


Did anyone else have it reset??

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Yes, call before 5 pm, that's when the actual technicians are there to work on resetting your account, even though the IT desk/tech support is available late at night. When I called, the lady said they'd work on it, and within a day or so I received an email that it had been finished. Mine works fine now!

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