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I'm anxious too, PAApplicant! And as for interviews I'm not sure.. I've read many threads from past years and a lot of early applicants seemed to hear of interview offers starting mid to late August but then continued all the way up to like March! So we got some time, just wish things would hurry up so we can already know! Waiting is a killer! hah!

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I got my apps done in mid June. They were mailed by first week of July. It just says waitlisted, but it does not mention anything about an interview. I heard via email basically a couple weeks after I sent in my supplemental application in mid July.


Intriguing!! How is it possible to get waitlisted without an interview?? You should probably check with the school!

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I just received my invitation to interview as well! For those who are curious, my CASPA and supplemental were submitted around mid July, and my CASPA was mailed by the end of July. I haven't booked my interview date yet, but could very well be seeing you, Dchuk22, at the Oct 4 interview session! Good luck to everyone, and keep checking your email!

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Here are my basic stats, if you want more details, feel free to send me a message:


3.44 science GPA, 3.54 overall GPA, 3.85 last 45 hours GPA

3,000+ HCE as a hyperbaric technologist and wound care technician

4,000 HCE as a behavioral neuroscience research assistant

GRE: Verbal 600 (86%), Quantitative 690 (69%), Analytical 4.5 (71%)

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The GRE isn't included for admissions correct? I'm looking at the start of january 2014 so I just wanted to see so thanks! Is the admissions for both worchester and manchester? My science is 3.64, overall 3.71, nearly 3,000 hours as an athletic trainer....hopefully come next year Ill receive an interview.

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