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Does anyone have experience having an optometry job and whether it counts as PCE or not?

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Would be an Optometric Assistant/ Optician count as a valid form of PCE? Responsibilities include but not limited to: helping children train to wear specialty contacts, obtaining scans and verifying accuracy to help create custom lenses for adults, taking/recording measurements, adjusting and fitting eyewear, and verifying that finished eyewear meets optical standards and patient's requirements/requests. This is on top of being a receptionist, such as scheduling appointments and whatnot. I was wondering if this counted as PCE. Thanks in advance!!

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@jhn112It would ultimately be up to the schools if those duties count, schools will differ. My opinion on the matter would start with asking some questions.


What kind of medical foundation would this job provide? How broad of a knowledge base would you get working here? How many diseases and different presentations will you see? Sick patients?


To me it seems like it would be fairly limited, and with this I would say it would be poor PCE if accepted at all. If you have an option for something else then I would try that. Most schools will *probabaly* take some of these hours as PCE, but it won't be the most competitive.

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I do not think many schools will take this as PCE, or all the hours you work.  I've heard a good rule of thumb from many schools is if you actually "touch" the patient and/or direct their care. Which is why I've always seen something like EMT or physical therapy aide count. I would try and find something else if your main goal is PA school to be safe!

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