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Hey everyone! My name is Andrey Maksimtsov. Alexandra Busto and I are the new student coordinators at Gardner-Webb’s PA Program this year. We are starting this thread in order to answer any questions that you may have about the program or the application process. So, feel free to post anything you want to know here in the forum and we will try to answer to all questions within 2-3 business days. Per policy, we ask that you do not share any information regarding applications, interview invitations, acceptance decisions, etc. Many of your questions may also be answered on the PA program’s website: https://gardner-webb.edu/academic-programs-and-resources/colleges-and-schools/health-sciences/schools-and-departments/physician-assistant-studies/index. We are so excited for everyone and hope to be as much help as possible during your application process! Good luck!

Andrey Maksimtsov, PA-S

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Curious if there's more definitive answers or timelines surrounding:
1. A confirmation from GW that all supplemental materials, fees, and a verified CASPA application have been received and that your application is under official review
2. An expected turnaround time for answers from the paadmissions@gardner-webb.edu email
3. The cadence of rolling interviews (have they started, are they every two weeks from thereon until all class seats are filled?)
4. The statistics of 2020-2021 application cycle at GW: How many applicants, how many invited to interview, how many accepted, how many waitlisted 

Looking forward to discussing further!

Thank you,

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Hello Rachel,

1. You will receive an e-mail from the GW PA program shortly after applying on CASPA with instructions on submitting the supplemental application and any other necessary documents/information. Upon submitting the supplemental application, the admissions team will notify you when your application is under official review. Depending on when you apply, some people receive interviews as soon as a week while others, such as myself, receive interviews a few months after submitting the supplemental application.

2. Mrs. Alli Qualls is in charge of the admissions e-mail and is great at answering any questions quickly. Please keep in mind that they are busy reviewing applications so please be patient if they do take a bit longer to reply.

3. I have talked to Mrs. Qualls and she has mentioned that they have started reviewing applications. There have been two new members in the admissions team and have implemented CASPer for the first time, therefore, there have been some delays in the process of reviewing applications. The application process is still rolling admission but I have heard that they are planning to have interviews every Friday in September; however, this is not set in stone.

4. There were about 800 applicants last year. Of those 800, 124 applicants were invited to an interview and 36 seats were filled. Keep in mind, the admission team does not start reviewing the application until the supplemental application is submitted so make sure to get it completed as soon as possible!

If you have any other questions, they could likely be answered on the Gardner-Webb PA Studies home page: https://gardner-webb.edu/academics/colleges-schools/health-sciences/physician-assistant-studies/

Andrey Maksimtsov

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Sorry for the late response, we are in the midst of finals week so things are a little hectic. Here are two good resources for you to use to answer that question. 



That requirement is specific to prerequisite courses. If you have a C on your application in another course, it does not disqualify you but is still seen by the faculty reviewing your application.

 I hope this helps!

Alexandra Busto, PA-S

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37 minutes ago, HarperRachel said:


I just received an email with an interview invite! I am trying to decide which date to interview and wondering if any interviews have been conducted yet - I know interviewing earlier is better but I am not able to interview until September 24th. Will I be at a disadvantage waiting until then as this is a rolling admission program? Thanks!!


Congratulations, we can't wait to see you here! There were a certain amount of students selected from each interview during our cycle but I am not sure if they have changed their process with interviewing this year. If you are not able to interview until September 24th, I would suggest for you to interview whenever you are able to. I hope this helped and good luck to you!

Andrey Maksimtsov, PA-S

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