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Is this solid patient care experience?

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Hi all, I am graduating from undergrad and looking for solid PCE for PA school. I have a CNA certification, but I came across this job. It seems to have some redeeming qualities, but do you think this would be considered PCE by most schools? Job title is Patient Care Tech Assistant in the OR. 


  • Maintain room cleanliness prior to and following surgical procedures.
  • Assist with preparation of operating room including retrieval of monitors and specialty beds, and related equipment for surgeries.
  • Ensure availability of instruments and supplies needed for case. Assist with opening of supplies and instruments.
  • Assist nursing staff in preparing patient for surgery including: lifting, positioning, prepping and additional duties as directed by the circulating nurse or manager.
  • Delivery of blood products and specimens to appropriate location(s).
  • Pick daily cases according to scheduled operative time and urgency.
  • Maintains the unit environment including cores, rooms, scrub areas, hallways, equipment rooms, and supply rooms.
  • Return instruments and unused supplies at case completion or when cases are cancelled.
  • Assist with transportation of patients as needed including retrieval of beds and stretchers, transport patient from unit to O.R. as needed.
  • Respond and assist to emergency/trauma cases, assist surgical team as directed.
  • Assist with post mortem care and transportation.
  • Precept new hires as assigned.
  • Demonstrate appropriate infection control and universal precautions.

Related Duties

  • Complete duties associated with team affiliation.
  • Serve on unit based committees as a representative of the Perioperative technician group.

Required Qualifications*

Adhere to high standards of teamwork by demonstrating adaptability, flexibility, and consistently sharing information and resources with others

  • Ability to work independently in an ever-changing and potentially stressful environment
  • Demonstrate dependability, initiative, ability to prioritize, and ability to accept direction
  • Proven ability to work as a member of a team and be self directed.
  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent attendance record
  • High School diploma or equivalent

Desired Qualifications*

Graduation from a Medical Assistant Program, Certified Nursing Assistant or equivalent years of experience preferred."

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