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Negotiating pain contract, need help!

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I have not heard of this and I have been in pain management for 4 years. Although I have little to no knowledge of what others in the field are experiencing. You would need to know insurance makeup, # of patients seen, average level of office visit etc. to even come close to a number. Last year I collected $307,000 at 35% thats $107,450 which is ironically close to what I made ($104,000), BUT!!! I do procedures. Not a ton but 3-4 per day mostly ultrasound guided joint injections. Which pay much better than billing 99213-99214s all day. I would be leary of this. Also, if their billers are not great at collecting every last dime guess who losses money? You have no control over this. I don't know what percentage we collect of our billing,but I can find out for ya if you want. I think its around 60%

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