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Bombed Bad and Embarrassed

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The school I interviewed at this week was my top choice for many general and specific reasons. One of the faculty is involved with something I am very passionate about. Trying to be a little vague lol.

Anyways, I got some news before that shook me (not death, but close). 

I had a 2-1 first that I completely bombed. I couldn’t find words, was a nervous mess, and it was just bad.

I also couldn’t hear one of the interviewers because she was using earphones that she covered up so I kept asking to repeat.  I even apologized for being anxious and they didn’t respond.😂

The rest with bigger groups of people was slightly better but at that point I was secretly crying during them.😂

Should I explain and apologize in my thank you emails?🤣😂😭 

I’m going to go curl in a ball now.

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I wouldn't apologize. If you'd like, you could thank them for the interview and indicate that there were some technical issues and you had some trouble understanding what was being said (that happens all of the time these days). Don't apologize for being nervous or "bombing" the interview; it's not a good look.

Part of the problem is that sometimes we put way more pressure on ourselves than we need to. Doors in life open and close all of the time. Going through life thinking that every interview or whatever is the match point of our lives is a recipe for freezing up and not doing as well as we could. It's best to be rested, prepared, and relaxed. Care, but not to the point of paralysis. This is especially true in the practice of medicine because there is going to be a premium on your ability to quickly build rapport with strangers.

Every interview you do or new situation that you find yourself in should build your knowledge and, hopefully, your confidence.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself!  You might not have even bombed as hard as you think you did (sometimes we’re our own worst enemies).  There’ve been plenty of times I thought I bombed an exam, a presentation, or an interview, only to later receive a near perfect score, tons of compliments from those in the audience, or a voicemail with a job offer before I even got home.  Use this as a learning experience and keep moving forward.  Good luck!

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Honestly, you might have not even done as badly as you think. I actually had an interview I was late to - I am talking like, 15-20 minutes late. They had to send me an email asking if I was coming, and I quickly got prepped and jumped into the zoom interview. I was honest with them and told them I spaced because I was going by the time in my home state and not the time in that state. I figured I had bombed it for being so late, so I didn't try super hard during the interview and just kind of simply answered the questions. That program was one of the few that accepted me, whereas a bunch of programs that I prepped for and that I felt I did pretty good on the interview, waitlisted or rejected me. I have had similar experiences with job interviews and school exams as well!

I wouldn't send an email. Just relax, tell yourself you did what you could given the circumstances, and don't give up hope on this program or on any other program you are waiting for. It's a scary process for sure, but just wait it out because with PA schools, it is almost impossible to predict what will happen one way or the other.

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