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PCH Advice

Hello all,

Im currently a little under a month away from graduating from undergrad, and plan to soon after begin applying to PA programs. Although I already have began recieving PCH, I still need a couple hundred more to become a greater applicant. Recently, I was offered a position at a hair transplant facility as the role of “medical assistant”.  My duties would involve assisting the physician in the hair transplant, assisting the on duty PA in platelet rich plasma therapy, suture removal, placement of hair grafts, dissecting tissue for hair grafts, etc. Reviewing the duties of the position, I recognize the ability to provide direct patient care, but I am worried about the position being in a more cosmetic field rather than a hospital setting. In addition to this, my prior 600-700 hours was in an oral surgery facility, so i am concered that if i take this position it would be a huge negative on my application for not yet working in a hospital setting, and only working in a dentistry/cosmetic facility. Any thoughts?

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Thanks for your response!! Yeah thats very true in regards to getting close to the PA id be working alongside. I don't believe I would be taking many vital signs, phlebotomy etc, but I know I would be assisting removing sutures and placing skin grafts, helping to remove tissue, alongside other duties. I think my main concern isn't if its sufficient PCH, rather than when I apply to PA schools the fact that I haven't worked in a hospital setting would be an immense area of concern in my application. Truthfully, I just don't want to waste my time working at a position like this if its better to work as a CNA for a few months instead. 

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