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Ended up down a Twitter hole (I'm actually regretting furthering my social media, there are a lot of idiots out there) and found a post detailing the new ACEP work group formed to deal with the supposed massive surplus of ED docs they are expecting by 2030.

Ideas involved making all residencies 4 years, increasing resident pay to help slow down the for profit residency growth, and ensure that all APPs undergo "a standardized credentialing and certification process by the ABEM."

This was of course followed by a number of ridiculous "ban them from the main ED" and "boo hiss APPs" comments but thought it was interesting.

This could either be beneficial or crush the role of an APP in the ED. If there was formal recognition of fellowships/residencies by the ABEM with a subsequent board certification that would be great, although it could destroy any entry into the field outside of a post-grad training program.

Also the risk of having yet another group in charge of our future.

I posted a query in the thread asking if they were referring to formal fellowship/residency programs knowing ACEPs recent stance on that phrasing and haven't heard anything back...


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