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Injury prevention strategies in Athletic Training

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Injury prevention strategies for athletes and active populations can take shape in many different ways :-

Sport Specific Injury Prevention Programs

Certain sports and populations often sustain particularly common injuries. Athletic trainers can help prevent athletic injuries by designing a program that is tailored to the needs and demands that a team or particular sport experiences.

Position Specific Injury Prevention Programs

 A football team is made up of many different sub-groups of athletes with different demands and needs. The injuries commonly experienced by linemen often vary in nature when compared to common injuries for “skill positions” like wide receivers and quarterbacks.

Injury Specific Prevention Programs

Athletic trainers are well trained and educated in recognizing the contributing factors to specific injuries like an ACL sprain/rupture. With this training, athletic trainers can design injury prevention strategies for athletes specific to these factors and concerns.

Individualized Injury Prevention Programs

Looking at your overall wellness, athletic trainers are often aware of key signs and conditions that may pre-dispose an athlete or active person to particular kinds of injuries. After completing a thorough evaluation, athletic trainers can tailor a sports injury prevention program to the specific needs of an individual.

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