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Are contract jobs safe ? Has any one worked through Maxim Health care ?

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The short answer is..there is no short answer. There are thousands of  these companies who will give you work on a contract basis. There are good one and there are lots of bad one with most somewhere in between. I don't know much about Maxim but they have been around for a while and have offices all over the country.

The upside to doing contract work is you get to say yes or no to any given assignment. The downside is they may not have work for you when you want it. 

They generally pay better but that is because there are no benefits and, often, you are a 1099 employee which raises your tax liability significantly.

Often they are sending you places nobody else wants to go or a place that has such a bad work atmosphere they can't keep staff. There is also sometimes a sense from the employer that they are paying a premium for your services ( and trust me...they are) so sometimes they will abuse you. On occasion I have seen the regular staff sit back and loaf and dump all the work on a contract nurse or PA just because...

Having said all that it can be a great gig if you go in with your eyes open and an understanding of what is what. When I semi-retire in a few years I may get a big RV and do travel jobs just for the heck of it and to keep my mind occupied.

I think if you are working 1099 and have no benefits you should be making 35-40% more than if you were an employee. Benefits have a cash value and you are providing convenient service to someone who needs it.

I was my own 1 man locums company for a few years and generally liked it but I needed a steady check and benefits so I am back to working for the man right now.

Happy to try to answer any specific questions you might have.

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