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physician assistant doubts

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On the plus side: All new programs that I know of start out with provisional accreditation. That pretty much guarantees you will get to go through and take the PANCE at the end.

On the questionable side: There are bound to be growing pains with a new program. How serious they will be are a function of how much prior PA educational experience the faculty (especially the Director) has and the overall health of the college/university. It also is a function of how well connected the school is in the area so that it can get all of the clinical rotations that it needs. That can be a real problem if there are many local PA/NP/MD/DO programs.

I went to a new program. I was in the 3rd class but the first class hadn't yet graduated. Our director had decades of experience running other programs and she was fantastic. I greatly enjoyed my time there, graduated, and have been working as a PA ever since,

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