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How Can I Make My Application Stronger?

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Hi everyone,

I'm prepping for the opening of CASPA and after looking at many schools, I'm starting to get nervous that I may not get in.  Can someone give me their opinion, and any tips on how I can make my application better?  Thanks!

cGPA: 3.58   sGPA: 3.40   GRE: taking this weekend, assume above 300 based on practice tests

1700 paid patient care hours, 50 hours shadowing MD, around 10 hours shadowing PAs (want to have more by application time), 100 hours as research assistant, 120 hours volunteer experience at a hospital, 800 volunteer hours non-healthcare related, and 6500 hours of non-healthcare related work hours

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As for making your application better-I think there is nothing that can be done between now and when the cycle opens to make a huge difference—and I’m not saying your application is poor in any way; I think it looks good. I would make sure your PS is solid and apply early. Good luck.

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