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What are my chances? Please help/give any advice

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I am having a great deal of anxiety and stress regarding applying to schools this coming month. As I am sure a ton of Pre-PA students are, I am finding myself wondering if I am "good enough" or have done enough to stand out to PA programs. I have tried to make myself a well rounded candidate and any recommendations on how to improve would be greatly appreciated! My stats and details are below. 

Undergraduate degree: Kinesiology and Health Promotion 
Undergraduate GPA 3.6
Science GPA: 3.6
Undergraduate Classes:
A&P I & II w/ Lab
General Chem I & II w/ lab
Organic Chem I w/ lab
General Biology I w/ lab
Cell Biology  
Microbiology w/ lab 
General psych and Sociology 
Medical Terminology 

Other Classes: 
Gross Anatomy 
Exercise Physiology 

GRE: 298 & 3.5

Experience: ED Scribe 2,000 hrs
ED technician: 100 hours (just started)
PT Aide: 500 hours 
Shadowing: 75 hours ED PA's 
50 Hours Orthopedic PA & Surgeon in clinic and OR
Volunteer hours: 55 
Collegiate Involvement: College baseball student athlete and team captain
Kinesiology Club treasurer  

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Hmmm well GPAs are average, PCE slightly below the last average.  Classes completed seem to be the normal except a few in there.

It's good to see you switch to ED tech which I think will help out.  I'm personally not the biggest fan of scribe experience, which some people think it's the greatest thing on this earth. 

Now with that GRE check what schools you apply to because some have a minimum score requirement of 300. Also, some use percentiles as cut off instead of overall score. 

Good shadowing hours. 

All I would say you need to improve from that list is tech PCE and that GRE. Now you technically do have enough PCE but I feel it is so important to have a foundation to enter PA school on. Other than that I feel as though you can get some interviews.

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