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I’m scared I won’t succeed and desperately thinking of a backup

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So I’m a pre-PA student and I’ll be going to college soon on a biology major to get pre-requisites I’m very nervous about EVERYTHING it’s my dream to get a good education and become a PA but then I doubt myself like what if I don’t get a good GPA, what if I don’t pass classes, what if I don’t get accepted to PA school, what if I fail my PA interview, so please! I’m not backing out I just really need a backup plan and what to do if I fail, like what job I can get with the degree and what degree and major is the best if I fail and need a backup plan for other medical careers that I won’t have to go to college again! please respond!

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RN, RT, MLS (medical laboratory scientist) are all positions you can pursue right after graduation and serves as a great stepping stone for graduate professional careers. I have a previous BS in Health Science just sitting and collecting dust ( and interest).

But don't let fear consume you. You will inevitable fail if that is all you are concentrating on.

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8 hours ago, rev ronin said:

Each day has enough problems of its own.  Worry about your life one day at a time.

That, and figure out a job with a high barrier to entry.

Hmm, seems that I’ve heard something similar in the past; something from a guy sitting on a hill overlooking a sea, and the rationale regarding why not to be fearful.  It was good advice from one who should know.  Happy Palm Sunday to all!

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