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Haven't heard from any PA Schools, am I rejected?

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I've applied and have been verified and completed since last November/December. I assume that if you have not heard back, you are rejected, but apparently people are getting rejection letters. 

I have only gotten one rejection letter out of the five schools I applied to; I haven't heard anything back from the rest of them. 

I'm hopeful but I do get anxious and worried. I usually prepare for the worse and assume I'm rejected, but I still have not gotten any letters or interviews. 

Do they usually send out rejection letters? I feel like I'll be more comforted getting one than not knowing. 

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I applied to six schools and only heard from 3, I just assumed I was rejected as well. I think some schools don’t send out any rejection letters and just assume you understand your not invited lol. I also would look up schools on this forum and could see how many people got interviews or accepted 

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