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Using Uworld to study for PANCE

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Uworld questions  are by far the best resource I am using to study for the PANCE. The questions are very helpful in helping you to study. The explanations on Uworld are top notch and the website mirrors the PANCE layout exactly.

Here are my stats!


  • cumulative GPA: 4.0

  • science GPA: 4.0



  1. 12mo didactic

  2. 12 mo clinical rotation

GPA: 3.5

PACKRAT (after didactic): 85 (Don't know what happened here 😶)

PACKRAT (after clinical rotation): 154

EOR in order of when I took them:

  • IM: 391

  • FM: 390

  • Psych: 392

  • EM: 418

  • Surgery: 407

  • Ob/gyn: 405


  • Uworld

  • Pance Prep Pearl

  • Online Meded


Consist of doing questions and going over the ones I have incorrect. 





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IMO, UWorld was helpful for getting familiar with some of the longer question stems and getting familiar with the layout of the actual PANCE UI.  However, I felt Rosh was the best resource for prepping for the PANCE alongside skimming PPP.  

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