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Hi everyone! I’m Tati.

I just graduated in December with my BS in Kinesiology. I had a low GPA, exactly 3.0.  I don’t know what my science gpa is but I can only assume that is low as well. I plan to retake O-Chem 1 ( I got an S grading for it Bc my school did the S/U grading in Spring 2019) & I plan to take Biochem this summer. 

I just started getting patient hours as an Emt in December. Once the PA application opens, I think I’ll have about 500 hrs. By august, assuming I only pick up my shift hours & not OT; I’ll have ~1000 hrs.  I don’t have any shadowing experience & it’s pretty hard to get some now because of the pandemic. 

im debating if I should apply this cycle with only the minimum hrs & a low gpa or should I wait, retake some classes & apply next yr? I’m very conflicted and don’t know what I should do. I know I want to go to Pa school but cannot decide on the timeline. 

any advice is appreciated!

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Hey hey,

I don't want to discourage you but having a 3.0 meets the absolute minimum for 90% of PA programs while the average matriculated student has a 3.5+ (and that # has been increasing every year). I had no luck getting in with a 3.54 cGPA and even though that's a sample size of n=1, there are plenty of individuals who have gotten in with <3.0. Your application just have to exceed elsewhere. 

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I do definitely think taking some time to work on your application may be the best move. Usually people with low GPAs make up for it with high PCE, or vise versa. For example, I had about a 3.8 cGPA and a 3.89 sGPA but only about 1100 hours of PCE. I got accepted into a few schools but also rejected from several.

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