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Retaking Pre-requisite Courses

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So during the fall last semester, I took organic chemistry 1 and due to unfortunate circumstances I ended up failing. My plan is to retake that class because I don't want an F to remain on my transcript and it also affects my overall GPA if I don't retake it. However, I heard that PA schools don't replace grades if you retake classes and instead average them. Is this true for all PA schools or are there schools that will replace the grades? 

I'm really worried that I basically ruined my chances of getting into PA school because of this one class. I'm also currently taking organic chemistry 2 which I'm planning on dropping and I'm very anxious about how my failing grade/retaking orgo 1 and the fact I'm dropping orgo 2 is going to look to PA schools. Other than organic chemistry my grades are pretty good with all my other classes ranging from B to A's and my overall GPA last year was a 3.53. Organic chemistry however has just been the only class that I didn't do as well in.

So basically my questions are, do all PA schools average the classes you retook or are there some that do replace it? Will the fact that I got an F and retake orgo 1 appear negatively to schools and if so did I ruin my chances of getting into PA school? Does the fact that I'm also dropping orgo 2 look bad? (I figured it wouldn't be as bad as getting a low grade in that class too but I'm still very anxious)


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In terms of sGPA and cGPA (science and cumulative GPA), all classes are taken into account. So in that case, yes your F and if you retake the class, both of those grades will be averaged together. 


Some schools also look at your Prereq GPA (which is GPA just based off their prereqs), and some take into account all classes (so if a school has Orgo as a prereq, they would count the F and a new grade together), but some only look at the retaken grade (which of course, should make your prereq GPA higher since hopefully if you retake the class youll get a higher grade). To find this, you will have to look on each school's website and see if they do grade forgiveness or not

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