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Contract negotiations

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I work Peds at a FQHC in MA. I’ve been there 2.5 yrs. contract was up for renewal in Oct and HR apologized “for the delay” in reviewing/signing so we’re doing it now.

I was working 40hrs/week (4 days a week, broken down to 32 clinic hrs approx 8 hrs admin) at 100k. I cut my hours to 4 days one week/3 days the following week, still considered full time (due to family/pandemic/burnout). Pay cut down to 87,500. With decreased PTO, CME. My NP colleague was just added to call rotation w/out compensation. I can’t help but think that’s coming for me.

other benefits: 4 weeks (less one day) PTO

3k and 5 days for CME

4 personal days

4 holidays

Medical/dental (I don’t take)

Productivity based on RVUs (which the organization didn’t calculate this year, no clear explanation).

I have 9.5 yrs experience (5 in urgent care, 4.5 Peds).

I’m feeling significantly under paid. 
Ive reviewed the AAPA salary report. The issue is there is not enough data specific to Peds PAs in my area. Cost of living is high due to demand from 2nd home owners and pp from NYC/CT.

There are other IM jobs that start at $120 due to yrs experience. Urgent care that would pay $75/hr.

What makes sense for salary/raise?

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