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Hardin Simmons vs UT Rio Grande Valley

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Hi! Does anyone have any insight into Hardin Simmons (Abilene, TX) or University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), specifically how they compare? I’m leaning towards UTRGV because the tuition is less than half the tuition of Hardin Simmons, but I just want to make sure I evaluate everything before giving up a seat. Hardin Simmons 1st graduated class was 2018, so it’s fairly new, but last year they had a 100% pance pass rate. I like the small 30 person class size and the dedicated PA building. UTRGV has been around longer, their most recent pass rate was 89% and their class size is 100, but it is soo much cheaper!! 
Thank you for your insights!! 

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Hi! I can't speak for UTRGV because I'm not familiar with the program & didn't apply there. I am a current HSU student, and I absolutely love it. The faculty is very supportive. We were the only program in Texas that did not have a delay in rotations and therefore graduation because our faculty works so hard for us. I believe I am receiving a top-notch education even being a new program. It is not posted on our website yet, but we just also had a 100% PANCE pass rate for 2020. Since it's new, there are definitely some growing pains with some things. I know there was one person in my class who ended up choosing HSU over UTRGV, and she does not regret it. It's also expensive, as you stated, but I'm not from Texas so this program was actually much cheaper for me compared to programs in my home-state and others.

With all of that being said, because the tuition is that much cheaper, I may would have gone with the cheaper option. I love HSU, but debt is no joke. It all comes down to that, your impressions of the program, PANCE rates, rotations, etc. I hope you can find more answers about that program!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

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