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Mountain State University PA Program Petition- Please sign

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Hello everyone.


I normally don't take any part in petitions, but I am posting this on behalf of several of my friends who are attending the Mountain State University Physician Assistant Program. The Higher Learning Commission has decided to withdrawal accreditation from the entire university. Although the ARC-PA granted ongoing accreditation through 2017 back in 2009, the students are unable to continue in their program and will be forced to withdrawal. These students are wanting to make a statement to the Higher Learning Commission in hopes that they will grant them a "Teach out" so they can finish their respective program. Unfortunately, due to the nature of pa programs, the credits which they have completed up to this point are generally non-transferable. In addition, these students will not be eligible for loan-forgiveness and will be required to pay back SEVERAL thousands of dollars of student loans. Please take 5 seconds to sign these two petitions so the MSU PA Class of 2013 and 2014 can have a chance to finish this rigorous program.




Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Matthew T. Goodwin

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