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My last podcast as PAFT president: PAFT and the NCCPA

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I agree 100% with the sentiment by SAS on recertification. I will say, the NCCPA saved my butt early last year when Pearson shut down all PA testing and deemed PAs "non-essential" vs nurse exams. As soon as I let them know that, they fought (even went on the news) and had us able to test again within the week. Then again, you could also view that as NCCPA protecting their revenue stream versus PA's.

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the NCCPA does need competition but it isn't a simple or inexpensive. The only organization capable right now is the AAPA. I have talked to them multiple times about it but, with everything else on their plate right now, it just isn't a priority.

It would cost millions and take years because not only would the organization have to be created from the ground up, then you have to get states, insurers, and employers to accept it. It is no small undertaking.

I have limited my desires to the elimination of high stakes testing by whatever means. We good PAs stop losing their jobs over this I'll retire entirely from PA policy and politics.

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NCCPA is, according to my morning in-the-shower-self, which is the most wise an intelligent aspect of me:

* Parasitic: It does no meaningful work itself, but survives based on the work of others.

* A Monopoly: by virtue of the state laws, PAs have no choice but to pay the parasitic entity to be allowed to work.

* Political: in that it is allowed to pay from the money extracted (de facto involuntarily) from PAs in order to advance or maintain its parasitic monopoly at the expense of theirs.

* Autocratic: its board is self-perpetuating, and thus immune to outside reform.

Solution: You know that labor unions aren't allowed to do this, right? If they engage in political advocacy, they are compelled by federal law to allow their members to opt out and pay 'agency fee' only dues.  Why isn't the NCCPA subject to the same safeguards?  I wonder which federal circuit court would be most interested in hearing about this...

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That pretty much sums it up. Let me tell you the disingenous reply I usually get;

You don't HAVE to be certified. It is purely your choice.

Employers don" HAVE to require it.

States don't HAVE to require it.

Insurance companies don't HAVE to require it. They make their own rules.


Talking out one side of their mouth while they use our money to travel the country and "educate" all of these entities about the value of the CERTIFIED PA. I'm getting a headache just talking about it.....

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I listened to the whole thing.  I thought it was great, especially the high stakes testing take you have.  Meaning even more coming from someone like yourself who can pass the test because of your generalist background.  That's the mark of a true leader, lead and advocate for a cause even when you are not the direct recipient of its benefits.  

Well done.

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