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Serve Your Profession as a board member of PAs For Tomorrow

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PAs For Tomorrow (PAFT) is an advocacy-oriented volunteer organization created and sustained by its members. Especially important to PAFT are those who serve on its board in elected positions. PAFT’s board members work not just for the purpose of the board or its membership, but for the entirety of the PA profession. If you would like to contribute to the important work PAFT does in a more meaningful way, PAFT welcomes your self nomination for one of the following positions:

President-elect: The president-elect shall perform duties and have responsibilities as prescribed by the President or Board of Directors. Serve as By-laws Committee Chair, expected to solicit and prepare any required potential By-Laws alterations for the membership to vote on at the annual meeting. Term of office is 1 year.

Vice President: Assume the office of the president in the case of vacancy. The Vice President assumes all of the President’s roles and responsibilities in the absence of the President.  Serve as Elections Committee Chair. Term of office is 1 year.

Secretary: Records and maintains the minutes of Board of Director meetings and annual membership meeting. Maintains and conducts correspondence of behalf of the Board of Directors. Term of office is 2 years.

Director at Large (2 positions): Serve as full voting members on the Board of Directors. Perform duties as assigned, by the BOD or President of the Board, including chairing of committees. Term of office is 2 years.Eligibility:Per PAFT bylaws, candidates must have at least 3 months of membership with PAFT at this time to be eligible.President-elect must have served at least one year previously on PAFT board.  Student PAFT members with upcoming graduation dates this summer are eligible to run for office 


Now through March 31, 2021: Accepting self nominations.To submit your nomination, please send a current CV and position statement regarding your interest as a candidate.Please send your completed nomination application to tessaroulston14@gmail.com Only fellow members may vote in this election. PAFT will publish candidate position statements and voting will ensue during the period of April 1-14, 2021.Election winners will be announced on April 15, 2021.Newly elected board members assume office during the AAPA conference in May 2021.Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Tessa Roulston 

Tessa A. Roulston, MS, MPAM, DMSc, PA-C
Vice President, PAs for Tomorrow
PAFT Election Committee Chair

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