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Can anyone please help with my essay?

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I am a paramedic wanting to become a PA. I am applying to a Catholic school. Any help is appreciated. The essay is the last thing left for me. I have taken the GRE, have recommendation letters, and am finishing the last pre requisite. I have done much shadowing also. Here is the prompt."In the space below or on a separate sheet, please write a detailed statement of your career goals and your reasons for pursuing the Physician Assistant Program." Thanks a lot!




It was 5:50 p.m. and we were on our way to wash the ambulance and finish the work shift. We were flagged down for a man down as we drove through a residential area. It was a man in his 60s who was supine on the floor with a pulse but not breathing. I was an emergency medical technician (EMT) working with another EMT on a non paramedic truck, meaning we could only provide basic life support. The nearest paramedic ambulance was 15 minutes away and the nearest hospital was 10 minutes away. We took the patient to the nearest hospital and the only thing we could do was provide bag valve mask ventilations. We called report to the hospital and once we entered they quickly administered medication and the patient began to breathe again. The emergency department was very efficient and their teamwork was exemplary. The patient then looked me in the eye and said “thank you,” more times than I can count. The patient did not speak much English so I stayed at the hospital and translated for him and his wife.

This was the moment when I decided the medical field was my home. I felt as if we did something meaningful and want to feel like that every day of my life. Although we did the best we could, I did not like that my current scope of practice prevented me from helping that patient. I decided to become a paramedic and have enjoyed the many experiences dealing with the public, police, nurses, physicians, and even prison guards. These experiences have increased my ability to work under a great deal of stress. Working in emergency medical services has solidified my desire to reach a higher level of education and provide a higher level of care to residents of the community from all walks of life.

Pre hospital patient care is satisfying but it is not the only aspect of medicine I want to explore. One of the most appealing things about physician assistant (PA) is that they do not specialize and can switch fields whenever they want. What makes this possible is continuing medical education hours. Being a lifelong learner is paramount in the field of medicine since one cannot possibly learn everything even in an entire lifetime. The field of medicine constantly changes and studies are conducted every year making it a field in which one must always pay attention to detail. Being a physician assistant will allow me to provide a high level of care and to stay up to date with new treatments and medications to better serve mankind.

I want to have a stable and growing career that is involved with people, has a bright future, has to do with medicine, and meets my insatiable thirst to continue to learn. I also want to balance work and family commitments, and do meaningful work. The physician assistant job fits into these criteria. I enjoy and work best in a team environment and I honestly look forward to consultations with the supervising physicians, other practicing PAs, nurses, and administrative staff. The most important characteristic of every physician assistant I have ever spoken with is that they are happy. They all love their jobs and would not make any different choices if they could go back in time. Career satisfaction and job security are difficult to find.

There are many challenges, rewards, and frustrations of being a health care provider and the United States of America is going through a troubled time when it comes to healthcare. Many changes are taking place and the physician assistant demand will undoubtedly increase. Physician assistants are an integral part of healthcare and I want to be a part of the team when all of these changes finally take place. Millions more people will have health insurance with this health care reform and a shortage of physicians will increase the demand for physician assistants. Everything that God has allowed happened thus far has led me to want to become a physician assistant. My pre hospital experiences have left me with a great degree of respect and appreciation of life. The shadowing experiences (I have had to shadow nurses, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, and physicians), my work experiences, my life experiences, and current political events have led me to have the desire to dedicate my life to the physician assistant profession. The path to becoming a physician assistant is arduous and I will make the necessary sacrifices to succeed. The level of maturity and commitment I have attained grants me confidence in aiming for and achieving my goal.

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