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Yet another "what are my chances?" thread...

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The good: CASPA sGPA: 3.7

Prerequisite GPA: 4.0

Post-bacc GPA: 3.91

7,200 hours direct patient care (EMT-B in a paid service)

Age 33


The bad: Only 400-ish hours volunteering/community service


The ugly: CASPA cGPA: 2.86


What do you folks think? I'm only applying to one program, since I can't relocate.

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I'm in the same boat. 32 years old with a wife and daughter.


2.33 CASPA undergrad GPA

3.69 MBA GPA

4.0 post Bach

3.6 pGPA

3.8 sGPA

3.93 last 60 units

2.93 caspa cGPA


500 Hours HCE getting about 50 hours a week as an ER Tech. Switched from a 12 year career in business.


I actually landed an interview last cycle with a lower cGPA and 0 HCE.


It's possible, but take those classes to raise your cGPA to a 3.0 in the meantime apply to schools that focus on HCE, last 60 units, and do not have a 3.0 GPA min cutoff. That's what I'm focusing on while taking 16 more units with a 4.0 and I'll have a 3.0 cGPA.

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In a similar boat. I am compiling a list of programs that look at the last 60 credit hours or will take applications for under 3.0. So far I have Wayne State, Grand Valley, and Franklin Pierce. I am single and am willing to move to any state so if anyone has any similar programs please suggest them. Thanks


I will still work towards that elusive 3.0

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I think most schools look at the last 60 credits. Schools want to see that you have an upward trend and have the ability to get good grades in your harder classes. Besides we were all 17-18 when starting college. I was 17 when I started college And was more into late night halo or call of duty video game nights or sleeping in my warm bed rather than walk across campus in snow for an 8am class. But I learned after that first semester you can't do that. They look at you growing as a person, being able to handle tougher course work while working and being an adult. Although I haven't gotten into PA school yet I'm still hopeful. c3.1 s3.34 most prereqGPA3.8-4.0 and 5000+ ans an EMT

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