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Exercise Science classes do they count?

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I recently graduated from undergrad with an exercise science degree. On CASPA website it says exercise science under courses counted towards science GPA. I'm wondering if anyone has applied with these before and do they actually count? I also had a 7 credit clinical internship that i received a grade for that was still classified as EXSC, would this count? Thanks in advance for any insight. 

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I had a mix of exercise/kinesiology courses and main general science courses (bio/chem/physics/genetics/biochem/etc.) and they'll count towards GPAs but don't always meet school requirements for prerequisites depending on the program. You should be very analytical in checking each program before you apply to make sure your course will qualify and email the program or use the course equivalency tools they often have on their websites. You do not want to waste money applying to programs without meeting the prereqs because your app will get thrown out before they even see it

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22 hours ago, TheFatMan said:

I guess I don't completely understand. If you took approved pre-reqs already then it doesn't really matter if your exercise science courses "count" or not. If you are asking about which GPA they affect, I would go with what CASPA says. 

No worries! So I’ve taken prereqs because most weren’t required for me to take with my undergrad major. But I did very well in my exsc cognates and they were all obviously still based around medical topics so basically I was just wondering if they would count towards my science Caspa gpa since on the Caspa website it just says exercise science. I wasn’t sure if that was all classes that code under EXSC as all my cognates did. Just wanted to see if anyone else had figured this out because it boosts my sgpa a lot 🙂 my question was kind of confusing though so sorry if this also makes no sense 😂

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