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I am a new grad currently in the process of interviewing for an ED position in a community hospital. My third interview is a dinner with the midlevels from the group, and so far everything sounds very good:


Stable, independent group

Midlevels run the fast track, but there is opportunity to take shifts on the acute side with more experience

Great staff retention, I worked there some during clinicals and people seem to get along for the most part

Good understanding of the training and backup that a new grad needs

Haven't discussed pay yet, but the benefits are excellent (health insurance for the whole family for $1/month, $2500 CME, profit sharing etc)

$2/hr bonus for seeing more than 2 patients per hour

Flexible scheduling


Since this is my first time interviewing for a PA position, I was wondering if any of the experienced folk out there have any ideas as to what other aspects of the job I should ask about? Thanks in advance for any input!

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only 2 bucks more for 2 patients an hour? How is that calculated? per shift? on average over a month? Does it take into account acuity of patients?


What sort of acuity are you expected to see? Would you be doing LPs or central lines?


ancillary staff... are you bringing patients from the waiting area to Fast Track? How quickly are EKGs / labs realistically getting done? Are you reading your own films? Who does call backs for GC/C or film misinterpretations?


What sort of consulting services do you have? Can you get ortho for a hip reduction? Can you get neuro at the bedside in ten minutes for a stroke?


Once you admit a patient, are you still taking care of them? Are you ordering second trops if a patient is admitted hours ago?


Can you get a lactate within a few minutes? What about d-dimers? How about belly or GYN sono's on an overnight?

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