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I'm a soon to be new graduate looking to relocate to the greater Seattle region (a dream of nearly ten years for me! ) from the North East and was hoping to get some insight as to which hospital systems tend to be new grad friendly? To be more specific, I have a 4 year background as an ED tech and really want to return to the acute care setting but also very much willing to work my way there from an alternative route.

Edit: I'm a member of WAPA and look on their job postings frequently as well

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University of Washington is classically open to new grads, the academic setting lends itself to gentle onboarding and having access for questions at all times.  If you're looking for ED you may be out of luck, TeamHealth will occasionally hire new grads but it's getting more and more rare to my understanding. 

There are rumors of a critical care residency getting up and running at a community hospital system (non-academic) south of Seattle.

Multicare and CHI in Tacoma will have new grad positions posted at times as will Kaiser.

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Kaiser/group health hire lots of new grads. That was my first job.

Virginia mason and harborview as well(harborview em tends to be nights only in fast track for low pay, so beware). 

Swedish hires new grads for their free standing EDs.

A critical care residency would be super cool and likely lead to a job at the same facilitry after graduation- this is why many places host residencies to "grow their own" clinician specialists. 

Tacoma general is also worth a look. 

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