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Advice for Upcoming Applicant

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Hello everyone, my name is Austin and I am new to the forum. I apologize if there are any formatting issues. I plan to apply to PA programs this upcoming cycle that opens in April. I hope I could get some advice here. 
I have a B.S in psychology and minor in biology with a 3.91 cGPA and 3.85 sGPA. My GRE scores were 162V 161Q and 4.0 W. 
I currently have 1000 PCE hours ( mostly MA in a foreign country) and 112 HCE hrs ( hospital volunteering in the states). I had trouble finding shadowings in my area due to covid so I went online and obtained 40 virtual shadowing hrs. I understand my experience are on the low side but will my academic stats make up for it? Do I have a chance in the upcoming cycle? Any suggestions on how I could improve my application in the next couple month? Thanks for the advice 🙏🙏🙏

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Some schools are GPA focused, some seem to be moderately focused on both, some have an interest in people with high quality PCE (by no means is this black and white). Look for schools with accepted class stats similar to yours(high GPA/low PCE) and you should have a good chance. Keep racking up PCE if you can, but it sounds like your PCE job is not current.

And if you haven't I guess you would have to make sure your PCE is accepted. I feel like you would have to confirm this for any training/experience from out of the US...but I have absolutely no idea lol

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