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Any other Pre-PA moms? How are you holding up?

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Hey all.

Maybe I'm on here because I'm in search of support through this specific community, but I am also genuinely curious. I do have other "mom friends" but they are not on the same path as me. I gave birth to my little guy January 2020 right before sh*t hit the fan. Since then, besides the common postpartum effects that vary with everyone, I have been trying to keep my head afloat with my pre-reqs, personal statement, application, and overall motivation. For this semester, I am BURNT OUT. Though applying is on the horizon, I am lacking motivation and willpower to finish strong. I want to drop out of my two classes and just focus on my mental health and just being present with my son but I also don't want to regret doing so. Mom guilt is VERY real and I don't know, I guess I've just been feeling so alone in this process. My SO has been an amazing, supportive partner but in perspective and reality, isn't going through this process either. Sorry for the rant - just wanna see how the other mamas are doing (if any). I'm apart of the FB group but I'm looking specifically for the Pre-PA mamas and how you all are juggling everything whether it's mentally, physically or emotionally. 

Take care everyone! <3


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Well, life is a marathon  not a  sprint 🙂 You are a new  mom  and that too during these crazy times. Take some time off, I am serious. A year of not working or studying or preparing is not going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Visualize yourself working as a 75 or 80 year old because it energizes you and keeps you refreshed (and $$ doesn't hurt either!).

I kept myself going for years through a very stressful and demanding tech job after giving birth to my daughter. I felt crappy in my joband my mom role and one day it just crumbled. However, that breakdown was a path to a new beginning. I took 2 years off to just "slack" and thankfully my husband is very supportive.

Now, I have renewed energy and am very motivated to start my second career. I am doing my pre-reqs now and working part time to get my hce hours. Kids do grow up and that will also free you up mentally.

Wishing you good luck..in these crazy times..

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I totally get it, you are not alone! I've been home with my kids (2.5yo and almost 5yo) since my youngest was born, but we had so many activities, playdates (mom dates), library before! Since Covid, its been so hard to stay alone at home. I've been taking classes part-time since last year. It's been hard and I've been looking for jobs like crazy now bc I'm so burned out form being home. 

I know it's easier said than done, but try to be kind to yourself. I think you should try to enjoy your little one as much as you can, and also carve a bit of time for school and you. One of the best parenting advices I've gotten was: when things are tough, get outside or add water! A walk, a drive, a hike, anything. Your little one will be happy, and so will you. Add water: a bath, water the plants, give baby a bath, have child help wash dishes etc. These are nice little breaks that help us feel a little "light" on the grind of everyday sameness. Also, I get very frustrated if I'm trying to study and I get interrupted.  So now I only do it during nap time, or after bedtime, sometimes before my husband starts work. Does your little one nap well in the car? Take a drive, park somewhere pretty and study? Can you take a couple of hours to yourself on the weekend that are not for kid related things or school? The famous self-care! Schedule everything down by the hour with your partner?

Last semester I was taking 2 classes and it was rough! Everyone was stressed and I had to fly home for a couple of months (I know, I know, the pandemic) to get my parent's help with the kids. So do what you gotta do. Only you know what you can do, but know you are not alone. My oldest tells me "Mom, I like that you are learning all this stuff! So cool!". I think your little one would do the same if he could talk. You can totally do this!

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