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What to ask a mentor?

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Hi everyone - I'm a reapplicant and just connected with a PA who went to my top choice program and is willing to mentor me. 2021 will be my third time applying but I've never had a "mentor" before. What types of things do you ask them and discuss with them? Have you had yours look over your whole application, personal statement, or just small bits of advice here and there along the way?

I'm not sure where to start or how to make best use. 

Thank you!

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It's fun being a mentor and I hope you get to do it later in your career.

A mentor is someone who went through things already that you're facing now. Mentors know stuff now that you don't and you may not even know what to ask. 

I'd go with open-ended questions that start out with "what surprised you when you..." or "what do you wish you knew then that you know now" or "what should I be doing to be better positioned for..." 

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