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How do you input recitations in CASPA transcript entry?

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Hey everyone!

CASPA drills into all applicants' heads that every course on your transcript needs to be put into your transcript entry which I understand. My question is, how do you put this in for recitations that are attached to lectures? These recitations are not awarded any credits nor are you given a grade so I'm not sure if we put "0.00 credits" an "S" for satisfied or CR as in "credit" for finishing the course, or do we simply not but this in at all? 

Similarly, if we opted not to get an actual grade for a course and instead get credit for it, do we enter "CR" or something else?


I have attached an image in case this makes no sense to some!

Thank you in advance and happy applying! 🙂



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Yes, you add it as its own class using CHEM 22301 and put it as 0 cr. 

If it was 0 cr then CASPA has you put NG or NA in the grade spot. I can't remember.  (OR you just match the transcript whether it is NG, NA, or CR)

All my labs were 0 cr and NG (the grade was factored into the lecture) which I had to just put 0 Cr,  and NG (no grade) in the grade slot. Which would be the same for REC if it was 0 cr

Just don't skip anything on the transcript lol

This is from my CASPA app


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Thank you so much! I will definitely put "NG" under recitations or courses they were 0.0 credits. Do you know if that would be the same course of action (putting NG) under courses that you opted not to have a grade for? I'm not sure if NG and CR/NC are the same thing. 

Thank you again! 

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