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Army Flight PA (Guard or Reserves)

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Does anyone have experience with or info on aviation units that let PAs fly medevac missions?  I've gotten conflicting info that PAs either do fly, or only provide medical support for the unit (sick call, PHAs, etc.)  I've spoken with Army Reserve Aviation Command Retention, and they gave my info to 11th ECAB, but I haven't heard anything.  All phone numbers and emails lead back to retention, and they kind of just told me I was out of luck.  CA Guard and AMEDD recruiters can't give me anything solid either.  I want to fly, I know PAs go to the flight surgeon course, but can't get anything definitive on whether or not PAs can actually fly missions, or if it is just the 68Ws and MD/DOs.  Any info would be appreciated.  

For reference, former active duty 68W, starting civilian PA school, looking to get into aeromedical evac when I'm done.  

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Not sure if you've done a thorough search on here or not, fairly sure the question has come up in the past with the general agreement that the PAs and docs rarely fly MEDEVAC simply because...there's nothing for you to do.  Much greater utility in being the receiving team rather than the retrieval team. 

But this ain't my jam so don't take my word for it, would take a deeper look on here though.

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