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CME’s for maintaining NCCPA certification

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You can get a few through AAPA, but only about 12-15 category 1 with the JAAPA tests.  They are only good for a year so you can only go back as far as February 2020 and they come out once per month.  You can likely buy some through AAPA or another source.   You only need 50 hours of category 1 and the remainder can be category 1 or 2. Do you have CPR certification, ACLS etc. all those count. 


Trying to not be negative, but I assume you have been certified for at least two years if your CME is due. You just realized you need this? Your license is the single most important thing to continue to do your job.  It is usually due on 12/31 at the end of your two year cycle and is only 3/31 this year due to Covid. You are going to have a busy 6 weeks in front of you. 

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3 hours ago, wilso2ar said:

They are only good for a year so you can only go back as far as February 2020 and they come out once per month.

Great.  I've got a stack of 20-30 JAAPAs that I'd been meaning to go do all the CME for, assuming that they were good for 3 years like most.  Glad someone pointed this out before I remotely needed them... Aaah, who am I kidding? I average 230 hours of CME a year, 130ish of which are Cat 1. I'll never need them for the hours, I suppose.

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9 hours ago, Empowred said:

Hello Folks , 

I have to log in 100 credits for maintaining NCCPA certification by March 31st . I am an Memeber of AAPA . Can I get all the required CME’s from AAPA? What are other resources ? Can any one guide me ? Do you have enough time to get all the CME ‘s . Would appreciate your guidance . Thank you 

If you have UpToDate you likely already have well over 100 cat 1 cme you can log.

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