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Tennessee PAs introduce legislation for OTP

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Here's what we are doing in Tennessee: HERE IS WHAT TAPA IS DOING:
We are excited to officially launch our Partners for Patients advocacy campaign in conjunction with the filing of Senate Bill 671 by Senator Mike Bell and House Bill 1080 by Representative Jerry Sexton.
The legislation, which modernizes the role of Tennessee’s PAs, contains three main objectives:
1) Creates a Board of Physician Assistants
The newly-formed Board of PAs would consist of seven PAs, one physician (MD or DO) and one consumer member. The formation of this Board will eliminate duplication and delays and allow for self-governance while maintaining reasonable oversight.
2) Modernizes PA practice by eliminating ties between a PA’s license and a specific physician’s license
When these rules were adopted in 1999, many practices were owned by individual physicians or small groups of physicians, so it made sense then to tie a PA’s license to the physician employing them. In the decades since, the practice of medicine has changed dramatically. More than half of practices are now owned by hospital systems, and most small practices have gone through mergers to become large practices owned by several dozen physicians. The 1-to-1 model of physician/PA employment rarely exists these days as most PAs are employed by hospital systems and large practices.
3) Eliminates burdensome regulations to allow practices the flexibility of determining collaboration and oversight at the practice level.
Under this bill, collaboration regulations such as mandatory percentages of chart review would be eliminated. Instead, it would be up to a PA’s employer to determine collaboration and oversight requirements, based upon the PA’s experience, training and scope of practice. Updating state regulations allows employers the flexibility to deploy the PA to where their skills are needed, and it promotes a team-based model that is more productive, efficient, and functional.
The Partners for Patients advocacy campaign will consist of op-eds, like the one that recently ran in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, and digital ads targeted to state lawmakers (see example below). The goal will be to better define the often misunderstood role and experience of PAs and to explain the need to modernize the role of Tennessee’s Physician Assistants.
Most importantly, this advocacy campaign also relies on YOU! In addition to registering for our annual Day on the Hill (more details to come on this virtual event), we will also be holding town hall meetings and sending Action Alerts leading up to this legislation being considered. Please heed those e-mail alerts and lend your time in personally delivering the importance of this bill to key legislators.
If you have any questions about the legislation or our overall advocacy campaign, please reach out to the TAPA office. https://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx...
Tennessee General Assembly Legislation
Tennessee General Assembly Legislation
Tennessee General Assembly Legislation
Tennessee General Assembly Legislation
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