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My boyfriend has a possession of marijuana charge, how will this impact him getting licensed and applying for PA school?

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This passed summer, he got caught with less than 3 grams and was charged a class b misdemeanor of possession of marijuana. Since this is his first offense, he is getting deferred adjudication where it doesn’t show up on your record except licensing agencies. That where he’s worried for when he applies for a license. He graduates this summer and will probably get experience as a scribe for a year or more before he applies to PA school. Is he wasting his time for PA school/getting licensed or does he still have a shot? He goes to a great school, lots of shadowing hours, great letter of refs, he does research, solid grades, etc. we are also in Texas. 

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I have not the slightest idea what ShosStrops means in the post above.

A buddy of mine was sentenced for selling MJ in a small amount to a hotel guest when he worked there as a porter in college. He later became a paramedic and, still later, a PA.

My best guess: it's a red flag but not a deal breaker. He should do some research before he gives up.

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I think that this violation of the law is unlikely to be brought into his case. Perhaps he will get off with a warning, as was the case with my friend. My friend had very little marijuana with him, but he was caught with this package in his pocket at a bus stop. He was diagnosed with an anxiety personality disorder at the age of 18. Perhaps he seemed strange to the police, so they interrogated him and checked his pockets. Doctors prescribed him CBD oil with the same effect as smoking marijuana, only without psychotropic attacks. Of course, it wasn't that interesting for him because he was a teenager. Since then, he has been buying this oil from Oklahoma medical cannabis dispensaries. That incident with the police had a very strong effect on him because his anxiety increased several times.

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